Download Books

If your goal is to learn the principle with the help of an instructor, there is no need to have a book. If your goal is to learn the principle with the help of a book, then you can download the books listed below. After downloading the books, please follow the instructions from the books. From the list below, Understanding The Principle of Communication is the same as Identification and Correction of Error in Communication. Both books are the same, they simply have different titles. As well as, Application Modeling Tutorial Communication Domain is the same as Project Modeling Tutorial Communication Domain. Both of them are the same with different titles. There is no need to download both; one of them is sufficient. There is also a mathematical representation for each of them which requires the understanding of algebra.

Fundamental of Communication Book 1, Fundamental of Communication Book 2, Fundamental of Communication Book 3, and Application Modeling Tutorial Theory Domain requires Understanding the Principle of Communication and also the Prerequisite for Fundamental of Communication. Given that the principle is a complex entity and has many, many relationships; to facilitate the learning and the understanding of the principle a mathematical representation of those books are given. The mathematical representations require the understanding of algebra. People who do not have a good understanding of algebra can download the non mathematical versions.

Application Modeling Tutorial Theory Domain and Project Modeling Tutorial Theory Domain are the same.  You don’t need to download both of them.  As well as, Communication/Application Analysis Guidelines is the same as Application/Project Analysis Guidelines.  You don’t need to download both of them.  The analysis guideline takes all the books combined into considered.  It should not be used to learn the principle nor should be used as a starting point of learning the principle.  For this reason, it is not recommended to download without first starting learning the principle and have a good understanding of it.  This document provides a list of corrected items. You can download it and mark the entities that need to be corrected from the books.

The analysis guideline listed above takes all t he books into consideration. Since principles are learned in a step by step approach, it is not recommended to start learning the principle from the analysis guideline. However as we make progress with the learning and the understanding of the principle, we will find that the analysis guideline is very useful. This is why it is not recommended without a good understanding of the principle.

The way to look at it, in order for the error to be corrected, it must be identified. In order for the error to be identified in the communication where it is occurred, that communication must be analyzed. Usually, we use the principle entity to analyze an underlined communication where we can identify errors in that communication and make necessary corrections and adjustments so the application that depends on that communication can be execute properly. By using the principle of communication in our communications, we simply follow the guidelines of communication. When we analyze a communication, we simply determine if the guidelines of communication or the principles of communication are included in that communication. To facilitate us with the analysis of our communications, the analysis guidelines are given to us. They can be downloaded and printed out from the link above. Since it is not possible for us to learn the principle from the guidelines, therefore it is not recommended for us to have the guidelines without first learning the principle. However once we have learned the principle of communication, it is possible for us to use the analysis guidelines to analyze our communications. When analyzing specific communication, we can refer to specific analysis guideline by the number of that guideline.