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While reading this website, you may encounter many exercises that are referred to. Given that it is not possible for us to learn a given set of principle instantly and as we start learning a given set of principle our understanding of that principle may not be adequate enough to target any segment of a communication related to that principle, it makes sense to use exercises as reference to help us with the understanding of the principle and to help our learning of that principle at a level appropriate. By understanding that, while reading this website, if an exercise is referred to, you can simply flag this exercise. In other words, as we start learning the principle, if an exercise is referred to, it may not be possible at this moment for us to go to look at that exercise and work it out. However as we start making progress in our learning and our understanding of the principle, we can refer to that exercise at a time when it is appropriate. For now, we can simply flag the exercises by putting them down in our list and go to specific exercise at a later time when our level of understanding makes it possible.